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Taxonomy of 8 types of MOOC

Designing a 'successful' MOOC is one thing. Making a MOOC 'successful' is something completely different.

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The Pros and Cons of Open Source LMSs Infographic

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The Students at the Center framework includes 4 research-backed tenets drawn from the mind/brain sciences, learning theory, and research on youth development.

Nielsen is wrong on mobile: Mobile isn't just 'mobile'. It's also the couch, the kitchen, the three-hour layover, all places where we have time and attention to spare. 42 per cent of mobile users say they use it for entertainment when they're bored. Those aren't 10-second sessions. That means we shouldn't design only for stunted sessions or limited use cases.

But cower we must. Maniacs and their guns are a part of our cultural landscape, and schools are no longer sanctuaries. As educators we all talk about wanting to give our students authentic, "real world" experiences, but surely we didn't ever mean this. There's no lockdown procedure, however, for so many of the other things that can make school feel unsafe to a child. There is no lockdown from taunting and bullying, no lockdown from sexual exploitation, no lockdown from being… is a Free Classroom Website and Group Management Tool. Designed for academic networking, discussion and media sharing.