Comme je n’ai pas de secret pour vous, Je partage avec vous ma dernière trouvaille !! et pas n’importe laquelle…  Comment fabriquer des étiquettes personnalisée à moindre coût ! Q…
23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want {Kind of off topic...but I love cats! =^..^=}

23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want

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Stairs for your pet! 3-step or 4-step. Lots of color options. Help your dog or cat get up and down without having to jump!

3-Step Links Pet Stairs

Si vous avez envie d'offrir un truc qui sort de la baballe classique à votre toutou, voici 20 idées de cadeaux originaux pour chien.
Need a great way to give your dog or cat fresh water on demand? There are many fresh water pet fountains on the market, but I thought these 8 indoor and outdoor fountains stood out as the best in terms of quality, design and overall value. ... see more at

9 Best Indoor And Outdoor Pet Fountains For Your Dogs and Cats

«Je ne regrette rien» - le chien
Join us in helping the millions of dogs in rescue shelters across the country
Can I have one, but bigger? Our dog is huge... ... ... ... Okay, it's for me. But can you blame me? It's awesome!                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus