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Computer Center

Tabulating the 1954 Census with a UNIVAC Computer, October 17, 1955.

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We used a ton of paper back then for everything!!!

Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine

Charles Babbage difference engine | Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine | Later On

1965 analog computerA 1965 analog computer at SCU's school of engineering looms over its human programmer. Courtesy of Santa Clara University's Dept. of Archives & Special Collections

I want to see this in real life and like be with it

There were two ways to interact with a mainframe. The first was called time sharing because the computer gave each user a tiny sliver of time in a round-robin fashion. Perhaps 100 users would be simultaneously logged on, each typing on a Teletype.

The Great Works of Software

The Great Works of Software — The Message by #PymesUnidas