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How the Robin Got it’s Red Breast story link

This is a beautiful poem. Anyone know the author?

"April, April, the snow is gone. April, April, the flowers have come. April, April, green and brown, Bells on your collar and willow on your crown. April, April watch the sky, the showers are sweet, but soon go by. April, April, where are your leaves? Soon, soon they'll be here, for winter's gone and Spring is near." -Elsa Beskow (from "Around the Year")

Illustrated red robin necklace

Red Robin Necklace

{The Root Children} Sibylle Von Olfers pdf of the story here Follow through to second half which is the english translation

Robin Red Breast by FlyingNotions

little red riding hood

Red Robin Bird Eggs Decorative Tile Set of 4 Coasters, Nature Home Decor

Red Breasted Robin Ceramic Tiles by NaturesHeavenlyArt

embroidery, flowers, chamomile

story of why the robin wears a red vest