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Sumerian God Enki | On this Sumerian stele engraved with cuneiform characters, we see Enki ...

Anatomical Votive Marble Found near the Pnyx in Athens 2nd/3rd Century AD Roman Marble votive relief with eyes. It was dedicated to Zeus, and placed in the shrine by one Philomation, either in the hope of preventing eye disease or a thank-offering for a cure. Source: British Museum

Statuettes de Deux Adorateurs du Temple Square à Eshnunna Parmi (Mésopotamie) Plus

Sumerian Cylinder seal showing Enki

Urartu art, dated about 860 BC-590 BC.-Ancestors to the Armenian people. Came from the land of Ur

Gilgamesh, the hero of Sumerian epic, one of 12 Sumerian city-state Uruk, where Etruscans traced their ancestry

Rare Mesopotamian vase describing the dredging of the Tigris c. 1848 BC

Sumerian mythology, Enki allowed humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them. The Council of Deities decided total annihilation of man. Enki covertly rescued the human Ziusudra instructing him to build a boat for his family. This is apparently the oldest surviving source of the Noah's Ark myth and other parallel Middle Eastern Deluge myths.

Utu, Sumerian Sun god of Justice

Gods And Mythology Of Vikings

En Vacances: French Model Baptiste Giabiconi