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Tournesol 2013-04-25

Every summer we plant a bazillion sunflowers at my house. They are my favorite flower. They are almost like magic because they make people smile just by looking at them.

Yellow - Beautiful



Funny I should see this today ... something happened last night that reminded me of a very specific conversation I had once with my Darling GrandPa. He used to call me sunflower last night I could actually HEAR him say what he used to say to me "Don't worry sunflower, things have a way of working out, God sees to that." .... He told me this often throughout my life he tells me this still. #sweetmemories #importantmoments

S u n f l o w e r s More

- Cris Figueired♥

Sunflowers <3 Can't wait for summertime when these are in bloom!

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