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She was given no armor for this battle, she was all alone. No, not all alone. She still had God, and that was all that really mattered. If she won this fight, it would be by God's will and grace. Nothing more.

Reine Pirate,Pirates Dame,Invites D'Écriture D'Image,Lady Pirate,Pirate Princess,Weapons Study,Girl Revolution,Warrior Woman,Warrior Maid

She had not chosen to end this with a sword, but then again, when had her choice mattered?

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Samouraïs Art,Guerrières,Galerie,Samurai Woman,Femme Samurai,Samurai Sexi,Warrior Woman,Warrior Female,Servant Warrior

"Vi Veri vniversam vivus vici!" By the force of truth I have conquered the universe!

Ponthieu Devianta,Femme Fatale,Femmes Guerrières,Guerriers Femmes,Fantaisie,Arts Martiaux,Warrior Ii,Warrior Fighter,Steel Warrior