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How to be a good sniper in Airsoft?

Sniper... now what's that name of that camo on his cloak or whatever you call it don't be afraid to message help is always apreciated

Ghillie suit sniper. Perfect camouflage for the long distance shot.


Airsoft war, level 89! Skill needed to win: Stealth and Awsomeness.

Sniper can you see me

Packing List for your: INCH (I’m Never Coming Home bag), E&E (Escape and Evasion kit), BOB (Bug Out Bag), GHB (Get Home Bag), IDF (Intruder Defense Bag), or Survival Kit Be prepared in case of: Civil Unrest, Hurricane, Invasion, Flood, Zombies, Divorce or general caught with your pants down situation!

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