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#depression #selfharm A bandage.When you cut too deep, you need a bandage. It will stop the bleeding.But a bandage is a temporary treatment and you don’t need it.You need something that will last forever. A bandage can stop the bleeding but it won’t stop all those thoughts. It won’t stop your suffering. It will heal your cuts but won’t heal you.I don’t need a bandage. My blood can keep pouring, I know I’ll be recovered only when I don’t have another reason to cut ever again.

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<3 im here i know how it hurts<3


i don't understand what i did to have my two best friends cut me out of their life but god.. it hurts so much

Women Behind Bars: Jane Evelyn Atwood Scene from a Czechoslovakian prison. The scars are not the result of genuine suicide attempts but of regular self-mutilation – a problem more common among female prison populations than male populations.

I hate myself so I understand why I can't get a boyfriend or even a real friend. I've learned to trust no one about my problems because they don't care, they're just curious 

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(Open rp, be him?) We're watching a movie, when my best friend throws some popcorn at me, as he giggles. I throw a piece at him, accidentally causing my sleeve to fall down. "What's this?" He asks, pulling my sleeve further up. "Let go." I tell him, not wanting him to see the cuts. The cuts, which are the result of my life.