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« La vraie beauté est si particulière, si nouvelle, qu'on ne la reconnaît pas pour la beauté. » - Proust

Africa | People. Mursi woman and child. Ethiopia

Africa | Mother with child carrying a heavy load. Senegal | Scanned postcard; published by IRIS

Maybe it's the fact I'm a mother now, but something about this is captivating to me! Women are a lot stronger than we look!:)and the bond were capable of having with our children is unreal!

The child see's what the mother experiences Africa | Mother and son. Mali | © Luca Gargano

Africa | People. Mother and child photographed in Ghana

Africa | 3 Peul generations, Mali | © Luca Gargano

Poverty, defined differently for many people and it affects people differently, I just hope though that like the reflected innocence of the child people never forget about just being happy and appreciate what they do have no matter what your financial stability may be