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I am so happy that I'm working on this. :)

I should put this in a frame on my desk. This is important when working as a graphic designer in advertising.

Keep calm and read my blog. [affiches imprimables]

"Don’t expect everybody will love your work. Rule of thumb is 35% will love it. 35% will hate it. And 35% will be indifferent. I know that adds up to 105%, but I’m a writer precisely because I’m so bad at math. My point is this: your job is to write, or blog, or design, or paint, or pick stocks, or whatever, for the 35% who believe in you and love your work. Forget about the rest." -Melanie Gideon, Author

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Someone else is happy with less than what you have. (Be thankful, for everything)

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99 parodies de l'affiche Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm

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