TV signals in space

Dyson Spheres could provide power for advanced alien civilizations.

ISS Symphony

Encryption isn't the reason we're missing alien signals, as Edward Snowden has suggested. Scientists searching for alien life are looking for other hallmarks of communication. For example, SETI uses powerful radio telescopes on Earth to search for narrow-band signals, or signals focused at one spot on the radio dial, Shostak said. Lots of natural bodies make radio noise, he said, but the only thing that makes a narrow-band signal, as far as scientists know, is a transmitter.

Dans un endroit lointain, très lointain (510 millions de kilomètres), la sonde Rosetta continue d'observer la comète Tchouri et d'écrire une page de l'histoire spatiale. Alors que la revue "Science" publie le 23 janvier une pléiade d'études consacrées au corps céleste, focus sur les photos haute définition exceptionnelles diffusées par l'Agence spatiale européenne.

The best chance for aliens to signal their existence is to be accidentally detected during astronomical observations. They know advanced civilizations observe the sky & takes spectra of astronomical objects. Thus, a good way to signal their existence is to generate a signal so unusual that it can only be artificial. A most unusual signal would be made of a spectral modulation of the spectrum that is so unusual that it warrants more observations, which will then reveal that it is artificial.

"Space Storm" Nebula [Space Future: & Mars in the Future: NASA:]

SETI's alien signal? Don't get too excited.

Nebula and Stars

Mysterious Star Pulses May Be Alien Signals, Study Claims

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