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Great ideas for cooperative learning...from Kagan

The Brown-Bag Teacher: Kagan Cooperative Learning - Working with a Partner poster freebie

Love this idea! What's the number? Kids ask questions like Is the number greater than/less than....? Is the number between ___ and ___? Is the number in the tens place ____? etc. No two questions in a row can make the same comparison. Or students may ask in number sentences- - Is the number 5+1?

Kagan cooperative learning strategies

This is a visual poem to help students understand how subtraction works. The poem seems to rhyme, which can also make it easier for students to understand or remember. There are arrows pointing to the numbers to help students as well. - Lauren Davy

DIY - Paper Globe - Free PDF Printable + Full Instructions for Assembly

Give One - Get One is a great cooperative learning strategy and formative assessment option all in one. It goes something like this: Ideas For Using This Strategy Math:  List prime or composite num...

Great idea for storing paper. Cardboard magazine boxes from Ikea

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Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

Great ides for using Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up to keep students moving and learning! Awesome Kagan strategy.