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Symbiose chauve-souris et Nepenthes rafflesiana var. elongata, à Bornéo, tirait un bénéfice des excréments de chauve-souris, qui font des fameuses urnes-pièges un lieu de repos parfait. Pour survivre, sa relation étroite avec les chauve-souris est donc fondamentale : les excréments, digérés au fond des urnes, fournissent tout l’azote nécessaire ! Un tel mutualisme, entre une plante carnivore et un mammifère, est une première.

"Une martre, ça se bat avec des races aux feux d’artifice."

Dusk by Kenneth Oppel - 65 million years ago: the dinosaurs are dying out, the mammals are beginning to take over the earth. Dusk, is a small arboreal glider that discovers an unusual ability. He can fly, really fly - he's the world's first bat! When his colony is massacred by a prowl of carnivorous proto-cats, a homeless and hunted Dusk may prove to be their salvation.

Dinner by N.Reinch. Lions are carnivores and are great hunters.What do they eat? Any animal they can catch.Most of their victims weigh 50-300 kg(zebras, giraffes, buffalo, antelope).A lion eats as much as 40 kg in a single meal.He kills a large animal by strangulation,biting down on its throat.Small animals are killed with a bat of the paw or a quick bite to the head.

Little Pygmy Possum © Ted Mead "There are 24 species of native land mammals found in the Tarkine, including: platypus, echidna, six marsupial carnivores, the common wombat, two species of bandicoot, five possums and gliders, three macropods, four species of rat and mice and one bat species. #Tasmania #Australia Via: The National Tarkine Coalition | Protest on Pinterest: #SaveTarkine

This pitcher plant (Nepenthes rafflesiana elongata) has evolved a unique relationship with the small wooly bat. Instead of consuming insects like the chamber of most of its close relatives, this plant’s chamber provides the bat with a perfect place to roost during the day. The guano left behind by the bat provides the plant with all the nourishment it needs.

The tarsier is not only one of the world’s smallest primates, it’s also a creature full of unusual evolutionary developments. The animal’s name comes from the extremely long tarsus bones of its feet. Long feet and long hind legs help the tarsier jump around the tropical forests on the islands of Southeast Asia, where it feasts on insects, small lizards, and even bats and birds. That’s right, the tiny tarsier is entirely carnivorous – the only primate to hold that distinction.

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Kermit the Cannibal? Frogs Sometimes Eat Each Other

A large frog snacks on a smaller frog.

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