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I always thought it'd be cool to be like the little Mermaid and swim through these fish

Construction d'une spirale d'aromatiques

Construction d'une spirale d'aromatiques - Prise de Terre

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Fibonacci Fractal

Hila Kaminer

Coral are perfect for texture. Every individual design all add up to a wide variety of eye sores. texture can draw someone in usually with wonder. Texture flows all through out this photograph making me feel like it is actually in front of my eyes rather than online.

Phi Pendant Gold - A Powerful Tool for Finding Harmony and Beauty. The Phi pendant was designed by Joe Zastrow who won David's jewelry model designing contest for February-March 2007. Phi pendant contains one of the methods to sketch the Golden Mean of Phi (1. 618…. ). It also contains (on top) the Greek letter Phi, representing the divine proportion. Phi is a constant value which is even more mysterious and profound in its implications than Pi (3.