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Haha whore style

parfois je me sens comme abandonner, puis je me souviens que j'ai beaucoup d'enculés pour prouver le contraire

"Revenge". This one makes me laugh like crazy because this skanky whore left an accidental voice mail for me stating how she is going to get "revenge" and we wouldn't know when or where. Then went on to confess to her "boyfriend" that she had cheated on him and he confesses to cheating on her as well. I play this voice mail on speaker, often, for everyone, and we laugh and laugh and LAUGH and LAUGH!!!!!!! So, yeah, I guess whore face did fuck herself on this one. :)


Haha! Seriously tho... Why is it that you talk so much shit about me again?!? Lmao! Who gives a shit about what the EX has to say?!? Haha I guess I can't blame you, I would hate the girl he gives the world to, also! Bless your heart! ;)

Funny Family Ecard: I am the so proud to be the Black Sheep of my family! Now I can die happy knowing I am nothing like them :-).

is familiar expression, not to be used in formal settings. Its meaning translates as "I don't care" or even "I don't give a sh*t".

I love that sexy thing you do. What's it called again? Oh yeah...me.

I have just been forced to give up my true love, my bed. I need coffee to deal with my emotions...:)

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