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Indian warriors during the French and Indian War

guerriers gaulois

Brave Astride a Beautiful Indian Pony.

French officers with their Indian allies, Seven Years War

Culture of the Mohawk Indians

French Sapper, Franco-Prussian War

Buffalo Hide Print, Native American style, Plains Indian ledger art, horses, warriors, buffalo, eagles, turtles, & White Buffalo. $20.00, via Etsy.

Alamannic warrior 3rd - 4th Century AD by Angus McBride

Eastern Woodland Warriors c.1600. This painting by David Rickman shows three Eastern Woodland warriors with a variety of clothing and weapons. The figure in the center represents a war chief wearing wood lathe armour and carrying a war club. On the left is an archer in winter dress and on the right is a warrior in summer dress armed witha bow and a war club and equipped with a wooden shield.

Desert mace shield. Artistic representation of an Almohad Elite Warrior 13th century

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