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........I got nothin'.

Scorpion Soup - disgusting food

Chinese Mongolian lamb castration and mark in the sheep ear. Mongolian housewife cook lamb and sheep offal preparation for lunch celebrate to the "lamb castration holiday" in the yurts. Hulunbeier grassland, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China,May 21, 2011.

Spécial « crocodile food » au Cambodge

Chicken intestines on a stick is a common street vendor food in the Philippines

Weird foods of Iceland :) Svið > Boiled sheep head....delicious :D

snails... Escargots sounds so much nicer

...um... no thank you. i think i'll pass. I'm full of rocky mountain oysters.~Jazeebelle

40 Of The Most Disgusting Delicacies From Around The World

sushi insecte

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