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Danganronpa//Mukuro Ikusaba

Am I the only one who ships asahina and Naegi after danganronpa 3?

DANGAN RONPA2-Chiaki Nanami by kingryuuzaki

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リカ@ブレショ ハ36a on

Izuru Kamukura//Junko Enoshima

みくに@ろんぱ on

Sayaka Maizono // DanganRonpa.

Touko Fukawa - Dangan Ronpa

dangan ronpa, a wonderful anime that consumes my life. XD

Danganronpa: Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD)

It's kill or be killed at Hope's Peak Academy, the private school that really prepares its students for the cutthroat outside world, when the only way to graduate is to listen to the insane taunts of