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Woman with a watch pocket, via Flickr Portraits of African Americans from the Alvan S. Harper Collection (1884-1910)

African American women on early bicycle. How they pedaled in those skirts and petticoats is amazing.

Brazil, 1880: slave woman carrying her master's baby in the traditional african way. Photo by Rodolpho Lindemann.

Francine Everett Actress, Dirty Gertie from Harlem U.S.A. Francine Everett, who was called the most beautiful woman in Harlem and one of the most beautiful actresses to appear on screen. She became a familiar face with black audiences through the race films, now known as Black Cinema. She was one of the few who became a movie star through Black Cinema and could call themselves a true actress...

Marpessa Dawn. A great actress who many forgot, but who's performance in her first film, "Black Orpheus", is now a classic.

circa 1860s. African American women in hoop skirt dress.

Jewel S. LaFontant - She was the first African American woman to serve as assistant U.S. attorney and the first African American woman to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Africa | Béhanzin, former King of Dahomey (1841 - 1906).

c.1884, Queensland. I love all of her jewelry, especially the pocket for a pocket watch!