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As long as you are interested in your present way of living, you will not abandon it. Discovery cannot come as long as you cling to the familiar. It is only when you realize fully the immense sorrow of your life and revolt against it, that a way out can be found. — Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Nothing is not the opposite of everything. Dark is not the opposite of light. Good is not the opposite of bad. They are all the same coin; the head is inseparable from the tail. Yin is entirely dependent on Yang to exist. All opposites arise and fall away together. So, running away is also running toward. Silence is sound; stillness is movement; nothing is everything.” —Mike Jenkins ..*


You need not push life about. Just flow with it and give yourself completely to the task of the present moment. ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Monday Quote: Live In The Present

Live In The Present

Actively engaging our life as it is at this moment creates the conditions for awakening to a peace and well-being that aren't dependent on whether a particular experience is joyful or sorrowful. This is the promise of peace left to us by the Buddha.


Monk in a Buddhist Monastery in the military dictatorship of Myanmar (Burma). Image has this caption, worth including: Living deeply at each moment of our life helps us to be in touch with thewonderful things of life, helps us to nourish our body and our mind with these wonderful elements, and at the same time helps us to embrace and transform the suffering that we have. So to live deeply in the present moment of every day of our life is to live a life of wonder, nourishment, and healing…