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Chez Starbucks : - Tall = Petit - Grande = Médium - Venti® = Grand (20 ounces de liquide, y paraît). © Copyright Yves Philippe

Le photographe canadien Éric Paré et sa compagne Kim Henry ont décidé d'immortaliser leurs voyages à travers le monde avec une magnifique série de

France : Traces d’alcool dans le Coca-Cola et le Pepsi

Kazuo Shiraga, performance on the mud - #performance#mud Google Search

"A coating of bright red powder on the insides of a pair of 100,000-year-old abalone shells is evidence of the oldest known art workshop, a new study says. The powder was found inside two shells in Blombos Cave near Still Bay, South Africa (map). The substance is the dried remains of a primitive form of paint made by combining colorful clay called ochre, crushed seal bones, charcoal, quartzite chips, and a liquid, such as water. "

Beers that have a medicinal or plastic-like flavor may have traces or chlorine or iodine cleanser left in them. Chlorinated water can also cause these, and some yeast types can be the culprit. #sensoryschool #offflavors #tastingbeer sources: Tasting Beer, More Beer

Virgo – you’ll take special care not to let any traces of unknown substances enter your e-liquid. Do people know that more

Scientists just found the first evidence for liquid water on Mars

Le robot est arrivé sur le mont Sharp qu'il va explorer. Curiosity a réalisé un sans-faute depuis deux ans mais il doit encore répondre à des questions essentielles sur l'histoire de la planète.

Ceramic tables Elisa Strozyk

Holy-grail of Mars Missions Found? Mars Orbiter Unfurled Signs of Alien Life On its 10th Birthday