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Je n'avais pas souvent le droit de boire du Kool Aid... Mais quand j'avais le droit mautadine que j'étais contente!

I loved this gum.

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Ken-L Ration Dog Food - My Grandma fed this to her beloved Cocker Spaniels in the 1960s. Here's the commercial jingle: "My dog's better than your dog. My dog's better than yours. My dog's better 'cuz he eats Ken-L Ration. My dog's better than yours!"

Hide and Seek

Nostalgic Treats: The Halloween Candy You and Your Kids Both Love

I was not a fan! Do these Nik-L-Nips take anyone else back to their childhood?? has tons of nostalgic candies

Fisher Price Toy Ring Stacker 1957-1961


oh such a simple time

I used to dress like this in kindergarten 'till about the third grade. Girls never wore pants to school.I didn't wear patten leather shoes,but I had to change out of my school shoes and clothes once I got home.I did have a plaid dress almost identical to "D" in this pic.