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This view of the twilight sky and Martian horizon taken by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover includes Earth as the brightest point of light in the night sky. Earth is a little left of center in the image.

NASA - Mars Science Laboratory, the Next Mars Rover // the first image of the Curiosity's shadow on the surface of Mars. Yes!

La lumière sur Mars n’est pas un signe de la présence de Martiens.

Rocks on the surface of Mars suggest that liquid water pooled on the surface and remained there for long periods.

Los secretos de Paracelso, el mayor ALQUIMISTA del mundo | VM Granmisterio

Researchers at JPL and Caltech have developed an instrument for exploring the cosmos and the quantum world

Image of the Day --Moon Ice! NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft has returned data that indicate ice may make up as much as 22 percent of the surface material in a crater located on the moon's south pole. The team of NASA and university scientists using laser light from LRO's laser altimeter examined the floor of Shackleton crater.

Ring of fire from New Mexico! #annular #solar #astronomy www.slooh.com

El plano del zika coincide con los países a los que afecta la bajada del precio del barril de petróleo de los que dependen los principales ingresos de sus economías. El zika de Oxitec-Syngenta-Mons...

Amateur astronomers spot Comet ISON

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