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monochromatic Indonesian cotton cloth. __ "After centuries of admiring and living with textiles imported from India, Indonesians incorporated Indian motifs into wares they produced at home. The block-printed piece shown here is the Toraja people's take on the tree of life." -Courtney Barnes/Style Court

birds in tree something to think about for pear tree

Tree of Life Series by Seema Kohli

Africa | Textile from Cameroon or Nigeria; Hand woven cotton; indigo resist dyed | 'Ndop' style | ca. 2nd quarter of the 20th century

Yggdrasil - árbol cosmico escandinavo - árbol de la vida

arisignes: extra large vintage indian textile stamp floral possibly antique hand carved beautiful design

St Mary's are one of our favourite visits on our Western India Tour. Here is the Tree of Life by Day Wall Hanging - Traidcraft - by St Mary's in India

Africa | Wool woven textile from the Kabyle women | 19th century