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Charles Fourier et le phalanstère

Charles De Gaulle

Cabu (RIP 07.01.15)

Qiu Jin wore masculine attire before the Qing Dynasty and system of imperial rule fell (in other words, during a time when traditional Confucian values about women’s proper place were still dominant). She made war with the emperor and was beheaded. She’s touted as China’s first feminist…but perhaps we could even say she’s proto-genderqueer? I snagged this photo from the wonderful book Chinese Women Writers and the Feminist Imagination, 1905–1948 by Yan Haiping.


Portrait of Carlo Maria Buonaparte, father of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is one of few portraits of the father of Napoleon. In this half–length posthumous portrait, Carlo Marie (1746-1785) is dressed as a gentleman of the Ancien Régime with powdered wig and a coat laced with gold.

Les tourments de la modernité liquide

WARRIORS: Armenian women, 1895. (To the right, Eghisapet Sultanian, great grandmother of musician Derek Sherinian during the 1895 Hamidian massacres, when the Armenians of Zeitun (modern Süleymanlı), fearing the prospect of massacre, took up arms to defend themselves from Ottoman troops.)

Portrait de Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon

On October 20, 1828, Parisian mathematician Bernard Lassimone applied for and was issued French patent number 2444 for his invention of the “taille crayon,” translated to English as “pencil sharpener.” A year after receiving a patent, the “taille crayon” was advertised in the Le Constitutionnel, an influential political and literary newspaper out of Paris, as the preferable way to sharpen pencils. It employed two small metal files tilted at ninety degrees in a block of wood that worked to…