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Tomb of Amenemipet Luxor, Egypt ~"Amenemipet called Pairy was buried in TT29 in Abd el Qurna in Thebes. He also had a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Tomb KV48 is an undecorated tomb in the western branch of the southwest wadi. It is located near KV35, the tomb of Amenhotep II whom Amenemipet served. The tomb contained among others some shabtis belonging to Amenemipet." -wikipedia

Hatnefer was the mother of Senenmut, one of Hatshepsut's best known officials. Her undisturbed tomb was discovered by the Museum's Egyptian Expedition in 1936 on the hillside below Senenmut's tomb chapel. This chair was found in front of the tomb's entrance

Jar from the tomb of Sennedjem, New Kingdom, reign of Ramesses II, ca. 1279–1213 B.C. Egyptian; From the tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el-Medina, western Thebes Painted red pottery

Model Granary from the Tomb of Meketre - ca. 1981–1975 B.C.

Ritual bed in the form of lions from Tutankhamun´s tomb by The Adventurous Eye, via Flickr

Nebamun was an Egyptian "scribe and counter of grain" during the New Kingdom. His tomb in Thebes, the location of which is now lost, featured the famous Pond in a Garden false fresco painting. Nebamun's name is translated as "My Lord is Amun" and he is thought to have lived c. 1500 bc. The paintings were hacked from the tomb wall and purchased by a British collector who in turn sold them to the British Museum in 1821

Kneeling Statue of Yuny Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside Dynasty: Dynasty 19 Reign: reign of Seti I Date: ca. 1294–1279 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Middle Egypt, Asyut (Assiut, Siut; Lykopolis), Tomb of Amenhotep, Necropolis Cliff tomb, Medjdeni, Khashaba 1913