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World’s most comprehensive guide to primates - in pictures

Black-and-white colobus male (Colobus angolensis ruwenzori) feeding on invasive Cercostachys vine, Nyungwe national park, Rwanda, July 2007. Photograph: Russell A. Mittermeier/Conservation International

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21 Massively Adorable Primates Sucking On Their Thumbs


Nyungwe Forest National Park (Rwanda). 'With no less than 13 species of primates, a rich tapestry of birdlife and a degree of biodiversity seldom found elsewhere, Nyungwe Forest National Park has been identified as one of Africa’s most important conservation areas. The vast forest is home to habituated families of chimpanzees and a huge troop of colobus monkeys made up of more than 400 individuals.'

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Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #103

Mes echantillons gratuits vous propose non seulement des bons plans gratuits, mais aussi les meilleurs concours, tests de produits, instant gagnant et réductions disponibles en France.

Adult male proboscis monkey feeding on mangroves in Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo

See.... everyone sings in the shower!

Sulawesi Crested Black Macaques | Flickr - Photo Sharing!