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an olden day Isis.....Guardian of the Gate in story Wisdom of the 8 Bowls. (Chinese, Shang Dynasty ca. 14th Century)

Bronze Ritual Vessel (Gong). China, Shang Dynasty, circa 1200 B.C.

Carousel Pig~Fairground Art: Gustave Bayol, late 19th century

Zun; late 14th-13th century BCE. Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The "Pillsbury Owl" is the oldest and most naturalistic of the few remaining owl-shaped zun. Standing near the beginning of the Anyang period (1400-1027 BCE), it represents a charming, though seldom practiced and short-lived tradition of casting ceremonial vessels in the shapes of animals.

Ritual wine vessel (Zun) Bronze, Shang dynasty

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Bronze vessel in the form of an owl, China, Shang-dynasty, 1200 BC-1100 BC | Victoria & Albert Museum

The Winged Horses of Tarquinia, Etruscan high relief (end of 5th - early 4th century BCE). This terracotta slab adorned the pediment of an Etruscan temple. It shows a refined technique of execution with a meticulous rendering of details (tails, manes, feathers of the wings) and the precise reproduction of rich accoutrement. The artist who modeled it shows a direct knowledge of the contemporary Greek sculpture that probably was a reference model.

Bronze owl-shaped ritual wine vessel, Shang dynasty (12th-11th Century BC) - Browse past & current exhibitions of ancient Chinese art by Eskenazi | Eskenazi

A pair of turquoise and aubergine-glazed biscuit porcelain models of hares with mirrors on bases, Kangxi period

Statuette of Bastet, from the #Egyptian pantheon