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20% of Surinamese are obese. Excess weight increases your risk for a heart attack. On World Heart Day, we recommend you to start making lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight.

Are you looking for a reason to quit smoking? Cigarette smoking harms your heart and lungs and greatly increases your risk of a heart attack. On World Heart Day, quit smoking!

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps prevent heart disease and stroke.

Too few keep heart-healthy habits

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Healthy vs Unhealthy Heart

Heart-Healthy Chocolate: Dark and Bitter Treat

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In Suriname approximately 27% die due to cardiovascular diseases. Today is World Heart Day. This year’s theme is CVD prevention among women and children.

Today is World Heart Day. Do you know that a sedentary life can increase chances of heart disease? 70% of Surinamese don’t do any physical activity. BECOME ACTIVE! Get at least 30 min of exercise every day to prevent heart diseases

American Heart Month: Your Healthy Heart

American Heart Month: Your Healthy Heart

Women's heart health facts