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Bethany & Derek's Jive - Dancing with the Stars - YouTube She did awesome im so proud of her!

Ballet; ballerinas live for it. we were born to do it. it challenges us. we invest all of our time to this sport. it is the reason for our blood, sweat and tears. it causes us pain and frustration but we still love it. ballet is our passion, our life, and everything to us and no one but ballerinas will ever understand that.✨

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham

If anyone wants to get dance teacher a gift this is what I want! Posters! <3

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Watching Tom Hiddleston Sing "Stand By Me" Will Make You Involuntarily Smile

Stars in Cars :Tom Hiddleston Sings "Stand By Me" this is adorable.

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Bethany Mota's Success Secrets!

Bethany Mota Pictures - Bethany Mota YouTube - Seventeen