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Paris / Giovanni Bonamy In ’10, Rue Du Tresor’ By Matteo Felici / Part 2 #hallway

Cenni di Pepi, dit Cimabue, La Vierge et l'Enfant en majesté entourés de six anges - vers 1270 - détrempe sur bois - 427 x 280 cm - Musée du Louvre Paris

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Giovanni Bonamy profite du calme avant la tempête à NY

A cause des Garçons: Giovanni Bonamy profite du calme avant la tempête à NY gio kost

Paolo Nutini - Better Man [Acoustic] - YouTube

Early 3rd century B.C. Trachyte This piece, from Orvieto, was carved from a hard, dark-gray volcanic stone called trachyte. It must have adorned the front of a monumental tomb or a public monument; similar elements are on the front of Perugia’s Porta Marzia. The woman has an intense expression; her carefully arranged hair is kept in place by ribbons and metal pins. She is wearing a torque and pyramid-shaped earrings. 3rd BC from Orvieto

Tray of Jeweled Daggers, probably late 19th century. Turkish culture. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Giulia P. Morosini, in memory of her father, Giovanni P. Morosini, 1923 (23.232.1, .3a, b, .4a, b, .6a, b–.8a, b) | This work is exhibited in the “Arms and Armor from the Islamic World” exhibition, on view through January 2, 2017 #AsianArt100 - Remake by: Django117 Description: Features: All 150 1st gen pokemon catchable in Kanto. LeafGreen and FireRed locations for all Pokemon. All Johto Pokemon catchable in the Sevii Isles. Evolutions from later gens available: Yanmega, Sylveon, etc. Fairy Type Working Mega Evolution Mega Evolutions for Pokemon from Gens I and II Rival, Giovanni, Sabrina, and Elite 4 all use Mega Evolution DNS Day Night System BW Repel System…

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A Rich Woman Abandoned This Apartment In 1942. What They Just Found Inside Is Incredible.

Although it seems strange, having taxidermy pieces in one's home was once a sign of affluence.

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What Lion King Character Are You?

From the villainous Scar to loyal Mufasa, which character from the beloved Lion King movie are you?