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Circé offrant la coupe de drogue à Ulysse, par John William Waterhouse. Magie : dans de nombreuses cultures, les moyens mis en œuvre par la magie en tant que science occulte s’opposent aux religions établies ainsi qu'aux raisonnements scientifiques. Les évolutions des connaissances scientifiques, qui donnent des explications aux phénomènes comme la foudre, les mouvements des planètes, ou les réactions chimiques, se sont progressivement opposés à la croyance en la magie.

Durga, Supreme Mother Goddess. (Happy Mothers' Day!)

barrocci - Aeneas Flight from Troy. 1598. Oil on canvas. 179 x 253 cm. Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy.

John William Waterhouse

Circe goddess of magic witch, enchantress or sorceress, described in Homer's Odyssey as "The loveliest of all immortals". Having murdered her husband, the prince of Colchis, she was expelled by her subjects and placed by her father on the solitary island of Aeaea. (art: Lady Hamilton as Circe by George Romney)

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Circe - Wright Barker (1900); Circe is a goddess of magic (or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress) described in Homer's Odyssey as "The loveliest of all immortals" & lived on the island of Aeaea. She is famous for her part in the adventures of Odysseus. Circe was the daughter of Helios (god of the sun) & Perse (an Oceanid). Circe transformed her enemies into animals through the use of magical potions. She was known for her vast knowledge of drugs & herbs.

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Circe offers hospitality to Odysseus and his oarsmen for 1 year. The Achaeans stay on Circe's island, enjoying plenty of food to eat and good wine to.

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