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HF35C EMF Meter – My Review The HF35C measures a form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) called radio frequency, or RF, radiation. - See more at:

Acousticom 2 RF Meter – My Review This is my review of the Acousticom 2 RF (radio-frequency) radiation meter. This meter is suitable for measuring EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from things like: cell towers wifi routers and modems smart meters (wireless utility meters) wimax cell phones cordless (DECT) phones and similar wireless devices. For my full review of the Acousticom 2 EMF meter see The ME3030B EMF meter can measure AC electric and AC magnetic fields. AC means alternating current, this is the type of power running through your homes electrical system, which makes it the ideal meter for checking (EMFs) around the home. Here are some of the EMF sources you can test with this meter: - computer monitors - clock radios - electric ovens - TV’s - lights - faulty wiring - electric blankets, and more.

Cornet ED78S RF and Magnetic Field meter. This meter is simple to operate and measures both RF (Radio Frequency) radiation and magnetic fields when in Gauss meter mode. RF meter frequency range: 100MHz to 8GHz Gauss meter frequency range: 50Hz to 10KHz For my full review see This video shows the EMFs present around the home..... The Trifield 100XE EMF meter can measure EMFs from: - TVs - Microwave ovens - Electric ovens - Compact fluorescent light bulbs - AC/DC transformer units - Electric clock radios - Sony Playstation3 - Hairdryers - Electric razor - Cordless DECT telephone - Laptop computer - Nintendo Wii, etc. #emf

NEW WEBSITE: Our group came together to help citizens become aware that the Smart Meter and all other elecromagnetic radio frequency devices are indeed unsafe. These Electromagnetic devices extend across the world. Now the Navy is using electromagnetic radio frequency warfare testing in Washington State.

PHOTO: OSHA Compliant Fuse Board: Stray voltage, Itron 100G gas meter, increased unnatural radiation levels from neighboring solar power system. All signs were purchased from amazon. The utility meter has a notice about the known biological harm of radio frequency transmitting utility smart meters that can be read here:

DOCUMENT: European Recognition of EHS (Electrohypersensitivity, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) Plenary Session - Brussels, Belgium MORE ABOUT THIS PROCEEDING: Links an excellent new document on RF fields and health by Dr Leendert Vriens.

LISTEN: OYM Radio Ireland w/ John Weigel, a writer of American descent, now living in Ireland. He is an EMF/Health activist (18 minutes in) DOCUMENT: Energy and Climate Change Committee - Written evidence submitted by John Weigel (SMR78) FCC submission:;jsessionid=2zm3SjXYCNGnNpg7wGyR52BwG8MgZLntmbGc2HkM1YXpjzQf2VRf!-739454830!608620108?id=7022311307

INFORMATIVE: Take Back Your Power with Josh del Sol - Bulletproof Executive Radio - Apr 22, 2014