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This is Minato Namikaze. As a young boy he was very spiriteded and compassionate, which led him to help a girl from being bullied. She was a very outspoken girl who wasn't generally liked by many. Her name was Kushina of the Uzumaki clan; famous for their legendary sealing jutsu and genius. These two were in love at first sight. As Minato matured, he gained immense strength and gained the nickname, "The Yellow Flash" due to his speed fear he struck throughout the nation. <-- I love Minato.

The fabulous Hatake Kakashi!!! I have already pinned this so many times, but this is just so fab. so fab.

Poster Naruto Shippuden Team Gaï, Gai, lee, tenten and neji

Durpdara: Oh gurl where did u get your hair done? Itachi: it's hardly the time... Durpdara: shush, we having girl talk. Go catch a chicken.