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Nightwing #0 - Bruce Wayne takes in Dick Grayson after the death of his parents. While looking for the man responsible for their deaths, he finds Batman.

With their left arm!!! Unless he's a lefty. IKNOW HES NOT EVEN THAT MAD HES JUST LIKE IMA PUNCH THIS, DOESNT EVEN HURT. WHY IS HE SO PERFECT? he's ma fav.

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DC Fan Arts #77

young justice

Nightwing in Charge ~ Young Justice Jesse Mcartney as Dick Grayson, Robin, And Nightwing=❤❤❤❤❤

Damian Wayne and Titus gosh..... He'll probably hate me saying this but this is REALLY cute!

When the Justice League and Young Justice girls called him out for giving a justification when having a mission for an all girl team.

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DC Fan Arts #171

DC COMICS - Nightwing and Zatanna by pryce14

Dick Grayson (Robin) ~ Young Justice GIF. Loved the first season of this show. LOVED Robin