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"Bilipid Membrane" Michael Garfield

A Transmission Electron Micrograph - Neutrophils

No two fingerprints, even from identical twins, are said to be...

Human fingerprint. The smaller circles within the epidermal ridges are sweat gland ducts.

Axons Get a Kiss - Christine Jasoni


1923 Antique Science Color Lithograph Haemosporidia Apicomplexans.

Synapse. Vesicles. Glycoproteins, Cadherins, Collagens, Microtubules, ATP-ases. Ion channels, G-protein coupled receptors.

Sick bug chaos in hospitals

Norovirus under the microscope.

Horizontal Cells of the Zebrafish Retina In the image above, cell nuclei (cyan) were stained with BODIPY while the outer plexiform layer is pseudo-colored in red. In yellow are the Cx55.5:M-YFP-labeled horizontal cell precurors.