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Ballgame - Mayan Football

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"The Pyramid of the Magician" in Uxmal, Mexico, is a Maya structure (built in its present form between the eighth century and ninth) extensively rediscovered in the 1840s, four-hundred-years after the Spanish conquest of the Yucatán. A quintessential example of Mayan architecture, the pyramid stands on a complex of temples and courts--Ball Game Court, Nunnery Quadrangle, et al--It's designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Get facts, photos, and travel tips for Chichen Itza, a World Heritage site in Mexico, from National Geographic

Ceibal.Ancient Town in Peten.With one of the longest occupation sequences of all Mayan sites,Ceibal was first occupied in 800 BC,& reached its peak(~50 AD) in Classic Period.Abandoned during the 6thC,but quickly re-occupied until its final abandonment in the 9thC.Hundreds of structures on the site,from multiple time periods.These include a circular "observatory" from the Classic Period,& carved monuments,stelae, altars,& two ball courts from the Post Classical Period.

To Be a Kid: Maya Ajmera, John D. Ivanko, Global Fund For Children (Organization) this portfolio of full- color photographs captures children around the world joyfully engaging in common pursuits. The photos, captioned only by their countries of origin, are grouped thematically, linked by a few words of text``To be a kid means playing ball . . . running races. . . . or playing a board game'' and depict clean, well-kept young people busy, for the most part, with shared activities. 4-6 yrs old

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Honduras Copan D4120a | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Two classic Maya vault line up perfectly across the ball court.

This sacred site was one of the greatest Mayan centres of the Yucatán peninsula. Throughout its nearly 1,000-year history, different peoples have left their mark on the city. The Maya and Toltec vision of the world and the universe is revealed in their stone monuments and artistic works. The fusion of Mayan construction techniques with new elements from central Mexico make Chichen-Itza one of the most important examples of the Mayan-Toltec civilization in Yucatán. Several buildings have…

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