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AKT3 Antibody 200-301-E75. What a fantastic picture and result!!!

What is the Cell Picture Show? A place to showcase striking images in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; a place to learn about cutting-edge research with beautiful images.

Extraordinary Microscope Photographs

Rat cerebral cortex with astrocytes’ (yellow) endfeet wrapping around blood vessels (red). Cell nuclei are cyan.

The Best Science Visualizations of the Year

The Best Science Visualizations of the Year...Browse through the winning images that turn scientific exploration into art

Yellow labled pyramidal neuron and TH-ir fibers (blue) | Gao Lab, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Drexel University

Diagram of the ventricles of the brain and pineal gland, L'Homme de René Descartes (full-size) - Wellcome Collection

Brain neuron drawn by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, father of modern Neuroscience

Image of stained #cells taken by #GEHealthcare’s INCell Analyzer system. Co-culture of murine macrophages and mesoangioblast stem cells stained for macrophage CD11b (red), mesoangioblast myosin (green) and DNA (blue). Therapeutic focus: Immunology

Stem cells (What about a Science quilt)

Giant Liposomes. Where a liiposome is: "a minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules enclosing a water droplet, esp. as formed artificially to carry drugs or other substances into the tissues."