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L’ultimo treno della notte. Aldo Lado, 1975

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of…

12 Coolest Ridley Scott Moments

THE DUELLISTS: THE FINAL DUEL When Ridley Scott won the Best Debut Film award at Cannes for his meditative historical drama The Duellists, he was already almost 40 years old. Perhaps that's why the film's ending feels so mature and elegiac, as the cycle of retributive violence between two Napoleonic-era Frenchmen (Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine) comes to an end with a single act of conditional mercy and a gorgeous shot of Keitel gazing out over a landscape worthy of any Barbizon painter.

"I hitchhiked into this hell of a place. I can hitchhike on out again." {@snowwhitejilly; Haven}

Pity the butterfly - Klaus Kinski (born Klaus Günter Karl Nakszynski; 18 October 1926 – 23 November 1991)

TOPKAPI (1964, directed by Jules Dassin). A lost treasure about stolen treasure, this Istanbul jewel heist flick is by the man who invented the form with Rififi in 1955. Dassin said F-you to the McCarthy blacklist, went abroad and made many Euro classics like this, which among its embarrassments of riches has BOTH Robert Morley AND Peter Ustinov, beloved chubby Brit comic sophisticates. Rich in character and delicious buildup, unlike today's fare. (FYI, it's pronounced Top Copy). (KevinR@Ky)

LEAGUE OF GNETLEMEN begins with a scene that seems like it should have come from an episode of The Avengers, as a well-dressed man in polished evening wear emerges from a manhole somewhere on one o...


John Santucci and James Caan in Thief