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Oral allergy syndrome: Having my five a day could kill me - because I'm allergic to fruit and veg

Oral allergy syndrome (OAS). This explains why raw fruits and avocados make my throat swell up and itch.

Honey-glazed grilled watermelon, from Sugarlaws. While this would get around raw watermelon allergies (sad, no?), I'd be afraid this would just kill the flavor of the watermelon. It's not easy to cook watermelon without killing its sweet, tasty soul.

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Anaphylaxis 101 - "Anaphylaxis symptoms develop quickly, often within seconds or minutes. They may include the following: Abdominal pain Abnormal (high-pitched) breathing sounds Anxiety Chest discomfort or tightness Cough Diarrhea Difficulty breathing Difficulty swallowing Dizziness or light-headedness Hives, itchiness Nasal congestion Nausea or vomiting Palpitations Skin redness Slurred speech Swelling of the face, eyes, or tongue Unconsciousness Wheezing

I've been told I have this. Another diagnosis. Trying to fight the insurance so that I can be treated. Please pray.

Very interesting watch this! NAET Allergy Solutions - YouTube

Oral Allergy Syndrome Calendar

10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Anxiety

Certaines postures de yoga favorisent la détente et la relaxation pour évacuer le stress. Zoom sur ces exercices efficaces pour un retour au calme.

Poor and Gluten Free (with Oral Allergy Syndrome): New Food and Pollen Allergy Charts, plus a Food Allergy Diary!