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Gilbert Ortega (Navajo/Arizona), Cobblestone Bracelet, c. 1970.

Navajo turquoise and sterling silver squash blossom necklace

* damier * - L'heured'été

Cuff | Charles Loloma. Sterling silver inlaid with turquoise and coral.

Cuff | Linda Ladurner. 'Manchette - Travelling ~L'Arrivee du France a New York'. Silver and gold.

Darryl Becenti - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet #38419

Beautiful Navajo cuff with detail silver work and turquoise and coral

Thick Tufa Cast Number 8 Turquoise Bracelet by Floyd Parkhurst

stunning authentic Navajo tufa cast Sterling Silver bracelet. This casting method is a beautiful and skillful art that begins with a block of tufa, a soft variety of limestone. The artist chisels and scrapes away a design into the rock, and then casts a sterling silver bracelet using the tufa as the mold. The block is extremely fragile, which ensures that only one bracelet will EVER be cast using that exact design. The bracelet features a beautiful green Number 8 turquoise stone. The…