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Sci-Fi City by Juan Pa Roldán

The streets were lit with neon but yet they seemed dark - Imgur

Cyber City by Amit Dutta, neon lights, future city, cyberpunk, futuristic city

Information Overflow Auteur : Leif Heanzo

The Area 0th - Ruidan Lv Bonetech3D #Bonetech3D #bonetech3d followback #followback concept steampunk

Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Circus by Nicolas Francoeur

A futuristic world set with modern architecture. The type of feel you get from this area is slightly dull. The building are a dark colour, which make the holographic advertisements stand out.

Downtown shopping district by BlueRogueVyse on deviantART More neon, at night (of course). For some reason, this reminds me of the Citadel in Mass Effect.