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Brioche sculptée de Valentina Zurkan

Brioche sculptée de Valentina Zurkan Great Tutorial for sculpted Brioche! Site is French so use Google Translate

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Brioches au Chocolat

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Petites brioches feuilletées au sucre d'érable

Petites brioches feuilletées au sucre d'érable - Amuses bouche

Pain au chocolat aux framboises - Pillsbury crescent roll, pressed in sugar (both sides). Place a Lindt milk chocolate truffle in middle of wide end, with a raspberry on each side (cup-side facing the truffle so chocolate seeps into fruit). Roll up and place in oven heated to 375, baking for 10 mins. Allow to cool so chocolate doesn't burn the mouth! Prepare for utter bliss. Bon appetit!

Heerlijke pains au chocolat. (chocoladebroodjes). Klik op de link voor het recept.

Tartine Bakery’s irresistible morning bun, created by baker/owner Chad Robertson, has San Franciscans lining up around the block.

Brioche au Chocolat de Felder

Brioche au Chocolat

Homemade Orange Sweet Rolls

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fun variations on what I already do!