Welcome Spring - When the flowers start blooming and the birds start singing, you know spring fever is catching. Greet this season at the front door by swapping out that snowman doormat for a cheerful one covered in cherry blossoms. Then place a bouquet of tulips to the side, and open your door to spring.
Color Your World - Introduce a dash of color into every room with vibrant picture frames. It's easy to find ones to suit any space, and decorating with them is a breeze. Group three flowery frames on a bathroom counter, four citrusy ones in the breakfast nook, and two big turquoise frames on the mantel.
Clothespin Pals - Paint a wooden clothespin and let dry. To make a chick, bunny, or lamb, glue on small pom-poms and googly eyes. Use craft foam to add details like feet, ears, or a beak. Stand clothespin upright, and slip a photo into the top.
Say hello to spring with kid-friendly recipes that feature the season's finest picks.
Cheery Cherries - Make a switch in the kitchen from cold-weather navy and burgundy to Spring's happy hues. Try dishtowels in Kelly green, mixing bowls in primary colors, or red-and-white-cherry measuring cups to cast out the winter blahs.
Check Playground Padding - After a long winter, playgrounds can look a bit worn. And this isn't just an aesthetic issue. Safety is at stake, especially underneath the slide area, which is the one place where the 'landing' cushioning lessens over time.
Two-Way Target - Our no-sew felt target offers two ways to play, with a colorful bull's-eye on one side and a baseball pitcher's practice strike zone on the other.
Talk About Pain - As soon as your child is old enough to articulate his or her pain threshold, encourage her to 'listen to her body.' Pain isn't something a child should push through.
Protect Skin from the Sun - Just because the sun isn't at its summery brightest, there's no reason to forgo applying sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.
5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier with Kids - Enlist the kids to help you with spring cleaning and organizing the house. Follow this plan to turn de-cluttering into a family affair.