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portraits princes à divter
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Encore plus d'idées
costumes, Carnival 1st grade portrait
A tradition I will start:  children drawing a self-portrait every year for me for Christmas.
Frida Kahlo. Children followed a lesson about portraits that I found on Pinterest, but I showed the children flowery decorative frames and they added tissue paper flowers to adorn the frames.
Zilker Elementary Art Class
Autorretrat. Retolador permanent sobre paper d'alumini. 5 anys.
trace oval, draw eyes, neck shoulders 1. Paint faces & neck 2. shirt n background LET DRY  Day2. Paint eyes, nose, mouth...add hair.
Modigliani Self-Portraits in Grade Three | Art Lessons For Kids
Great for leading into creating own self-portraits. Helps students gain an understanding of the message, principles/elements used and space/composition by analyzing famous artist's self-portraits. (self-portraits worksheet)