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lightexponent: Red October | Erik

Supernova Remnant N49. This beautiful structure is the result of a violent stellar explosion. Some small portions of this Nova are so energized that they are expanding outward at 5 million miles an hour! Astrophysicists theorize that pockets of matter are able to reach this speed because of the extremely powerful magnetic fields generated by a central Neutron Star. Credit: NASA/Chandra Space Observatory

04 Unique Tri Fold Brochure 18 Inspiring And Attractive Brochure Designs

malcolm x glasses frame - Google Search

Cutler & Gross ‘Malcolm X’ Eyeglasses

Casio Chrome & Gold Digital Watch

Casio Chrome & Gold Digital Watch old school watch hipster fashion men tumblr style

Simple style is divine. Back to the basics. Life and style. Men's style. Men's fashion.

Qlocktwo Watch by Biegert & Funk. Saves you some thinking when someone asks for the time.

MVMT × Leather Strap minimalistic watch in black