The Sign of the Goddess Tanit. Carthage. c. 5th century BCE to 2nd century CE

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Moroccan Rugs Symbols

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Amazing alphabet. Esther Kofod THE LIBYAN

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Moroccan Berber Amazigh Tattoos

Polynesian Symbols Meanings | Designing Some “Hawaiian” Fabric

Tifinagh is a series of abjad and alphabetic scripts used to write Berber languages. This was widely used by speakers of Berber languages all across North Africa and on the Canary Islands. It is attested from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD. Its origin is uncertain, with some scholars suggesting it is related to the Punic alphabet or the Phoenician alphabet. A modern derivate of the traditional script, known as Neo-Tifinagh, was introduced in the 20th century.

Amazigh Motifs

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