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This wine bottle of Cole and Weber is packaged in logs of pine. Inside the box, there is a greeting and information to learn the consumer how to use properly the gift. This packaging places itself as part of sustainable development. This is not only a great container but also the opportunity to spend a good holiday moment by drinking a good bottle with a warm fire.

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There is a clear practicy of use because we just need to press the trigger to get some alcohol. This packaging has a big visual impact due to the originality of the design and responds to a demand of wellmade and exotic design from the consumers.

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Absolut unique is a set of four millions vodka bottles in which each bottle is unique. The bottle is still in glass which allow a great preservation of the vodka and an easy recycling of the product. With this serie, the brand wants to remember that its vodka is different from the other vodka, it has its own identity and its own taste.

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With this positioning, the brand searchs to provide two functions of a wine bottle, that grabs the consumers and caused an important visual impact.

Hijos de Villa Tequila Reposado is a bottle of tequila designed like a handgun and produced with blue agave. Throw this original packaging, the brand searched to reinvent the term « shooter » because the bottle contains 200ml of tequila. This design evokes several periods of history and shows the bravery of the traditional Mexican beverages inspired by the handgun Pancho Villa.

its retro styling, its cheerful color and convenience, this packaging can differentiate itself from its competitors. Reference among the great champagnes, the “Veuve Cliquot” selects high quality packaging to consolidate its position.

This Jack Daniel’s bottles are a limited edition with a “vintage” and soft packaging. This packaging remind that Jack Daniel’s has many years of experience on creation of whisky and that this limited edition is more tasty than the classic edition. The wooden cork give the impression to be a more luxury product and to be a noble product. The packaging is soft to show that the whisky in the bootle is more important than the bootle.

The Smirnoff bottle is wrapped in a package that imitate the fruit flesh. The problem with this packaging is that it is not really eco-friendly because it adds more plastic to the product. Thanks to this packaging Smirnoff underline the presence of fruit in its bottle, the packaging remind of the fruit by its colours but also by the way you unwrapped the bottle that is similar to the way you peel a fruit.

Moreover, the three bottles are packaged in a wood box full of straw that reminds fruits you buy on market. This kind of packaging could be a little bit dangerous because it implies that vodka is well for health as fruits are.

With a full orange color of joy and energy, this fridge is a metal packaging with an insulated coating on the inside that keeps the champagne on ice for three hours. Straight out of the imagination of Frigidaire 50’s the Fridge Metal wants to be reusable. The Fridge Pack is as stylish as it is functional, with ease of use.