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Une belle journée Art Print

"C'est une belle journée, sois heureux !"


Baby Name Rings My babies are grown but i might just have to treat myself to these. gotta save for 4 though lol

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J'adore tout ce qui est français. Dans une autre vie, j'étais peut-être une demoiselle parisienne❦ If you want to know who I am, these images tell the whole story.

wish my lil man knew what this was like- sucks that he has no lil cousins they are much older and really don't bother with him to much- but he knows how to love them that's for sure especially if he goes months without seeing them and still sits on there laps or want to be part of there day

Cette journée et celle d'hier, ou encore d'avant-hier, etc. Vivement la prochaine qui n'en sera pas une.

★ Belle définition...

Bonne journée !